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Meet Andrea




Andrea Paquette, AKA Bipolar Babe, created the Bipolar Babe project in 2009. She is now the President and Co-Founder of the Stigma-Free Society. Andrea has presented her story at over 850+ schools, workplaces, community organizations and events, reaching thousands of people directly with her message of hope and eliminating the stigma of mental illness.

Blogs & Book

As a published author and blogger, Andrea feels extremely privileged to share her personal story and views on stigma and mental health with the world. Her intention has always been to inspire others to share their own personal stories and ignite conversations free of stigma in the global community.


Andrea Paquette
Anthology Contributor

Andrea's Memoir
Coming Spring 2025




Kevin Breel

Writer. Comedian. Activist.


"Andrea is a beacon of  bright light in the mental health world.  She has an unparalleled energy for making a difference in the space and stomping out the stigma surrounding mental illness.  As a speaker, she has a commanding presence on stage; melding personal experiences with insights as to how we can teach acceptance, understanding, and empathy. Andrea's work is as unique as it is effective and her accomplishments in the community are well deserved- as well as well documented.  Andrea has done a great job reaching out to the youth demographic to talk about these issues and I couldn't be more supportive of her, her work, and her mission.  Andrea is one of those people you just have to see live in person or virtually, and is a must book speaker for any event that is related to mental health."


Silken Lauman

Olympian, Author & Humanitarian 

“Andrea is a dynamic and energetic speaker with an important story to tell.  She candidly shares her struggles with bipolar disorder while sharing her journey to break down barriers for other people.

Andrea has become a positive force in social entrepreneurship with her own talents and work with the Stigma Free Society movement.  Andrea is a person who believes in dreams, believes in a better world, and is making it happen.”

Sharad Kharé
Co-Founder - Human Biography


"With her words of inspiration, coupled with her own moving story of living with bipolar disorder, Andrea serves as a guiding inspiration within the mental health and wellness community. Her incredible determination to help others is an integral force for breaking down stigmas that surround mental well-being.

Andrea captivates audiences with her words. She empowers those around her to stand up and make a difference while teaching the importance of acceptance, understanding and empathy—three of the most important qualities in our world today. One can understand the true nature of her presence, only once they’ve heard the passion in her voice.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to support Andrea on her journey, and I couldn't be more supportive of her work and mission."


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